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The Northumberland Adult Diploma Program is designed for students who are returning to high school after withdrawing from his or her high school, or as an alternative for students under the age of 18 who are not finding success in a traditional day school setting.  

We offer a 20-credit New Hampshire high school diploma that requires completion of the following credits in specific curricular areas:

 - 4 English/Language Arts credits

 - 2 Science credits

 - 2 Mathematics credits

 - 3 Social Studies credits 

    (including 0.5 Economics credit, 0.5 Civics credit, 1 US History credit)

 - 0.5 Health credit

 - 0.5 Physical Education credit

 - 0.5 Computers/Informational Tech credit

 - 0.5 Art credit

 - 6.5 Elective credits (to include ELO's, apprenticeship work, work experience, etc).  

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